Our Energy Network: The Next Pool

Being the operator of one of the biggest Virtual Power Plant (VPP) in Europe, Next Kraftwerke currently spans its energy network all over Germany, and has begun to implement the Virtual Power Plant in Austria (2014), Belgium (2014), France (2015), the Netherlands (2016), Poland (2016), Switzerland (2017), and Italy (2017).

In our energy network we link more than 4,000 electricity producing and consuming units with a combined capacity of over 2,500 MW. Among other energy sources, it includes biogas, wind, and solar power generators. In doing so, Next Kraftwerke and its clients replace the equivalent of two large coal-fired power stations. We develop the algorithms that optimize and dispatch decentral and green power producers as well as flexible power consumers. As a digital utility we, thus, bring together the technology and energy industries which build the energy system of the future.

Next Kraftwerke offers multiple services to its clients. In our energy network, there are about 2,500 technical units prequalified for control reserve services in all four German TSO areas, in Belgium, and in Austria. We are a registered trader at the EEX, EPEX Spot and the EXAA exchange and we also offer services such as market access, portfolio and balancing group management for third parties as well as flexible power delivery.

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