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Biogascentrales at Next Kraftwerke

Sell your power from Biogas and Biomass the optimal way: The Virtual Power Plant of Next Kraftwerke connects thousands of power generating and consuming units. By taking part in this intelligent swarm, you can take full advantages of the European Power Markets and sell your biogas-power with transparent and over-average conditions.

Sell your power from Biogas and Biomass

Next Kraftwerke paves the way into the energy market of tomorrow: After you contact us by using our contact form or giving us a phone call we create a noncommittal revenue calculation for you. If we and the calculation meet your expectations, we sign a contract and connect your biogas or biomass plant to the Virtual Power Plant and start selling your power on the energy markets.

Overview Connection to the control system High-performance forecasting and trading Your Revenue

  1. We analyze and evaluate the potential of your biogas or biomass plant. 
  2. We connect your plant to the Virtual Power Plant. 
  3. We trade your electricity on the European power exchanges. 
  4. You receive the electricity exchange revenues, the feed-in premium and the bonus payment. Thus, you are guaranteed to generate more revenues than in your previous remuneration rate.
Connection to the control system

We use a proven and tested mobile data transmission infrastructure to connect your biogas plant to the Virtual Power Plant. The connection is established via an encrypted VPN (Virtual Private Network) in accordance with IEC 60870-5-104 or Modbus TCP protocols. For the connection to your unit, we use the installed protocol interface or our own interface, the Next Box.
High-performance forecasting and trading

With our team of experienced analysts and traders, we sell the electricity you generate from biomass and biogas power plants on the electricity exchanges throughout Europe. The evaluated data from the plants in our swarm is of particular importance because the thousands of plants provide the live data that we need for our high performance forecasting. Combined with the experience and knowledge of our analysts and our energy meteorologist, we can thus trade electricity sucessfully and at revenues above market-average.
Your Revenue

You get the SDE+ subsidy, the revenue from the electricity market and we guarantee to purchase your Certificates of Origin (GvO) - thus, you receive your revenues from three different sources. This business model ensures you higher than market-average revenues at any time.

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At Next Kraftwerke, competent and personal contact with you comes first. We bring together all experts for the successful marketing of electricity from your biogas plant. Together with our sales and customer service team, our engineers, technicians and dealers will take care of your wishes and your best possible sales success.

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