WKK (Warmtekrachtkoppeling)

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Due to their controllability, i.e. the adjustment of their production output, Warmtekrachtkoppeling units are particularly valuable for Virtual Power Plants: They can not only sell electricity in direct marketing, but also market positive and negative balancing energy. Obtain additional revenues in direct marketing with Next Kraftwerke now and profit additionally from revenues on the balancing energy market.

Sell your power from WKK-units

We connect your WKK plant to the Virtual Power Plant: Simply contact us via our contact form, we will then prepare a non-binding offer from the key data of your plant. If our offer convinces you, you will sign with us and we will integrate your solar system into our Virtual Power Plant. We then will be able to sell your electricity on the electricity exchange - and you receive your additional proceeds.

Overview Connection to the control system High-performance forecasting and trading

  1. We connect your WKK unit via our own control interface, the Next box, or the existing protocol interface of your installation to the control system of our Virtual Power Plant. The power supply from your power plant will not be affected at any time. 
  2. We create the optimal schedule for your WKK unit by analyzing market prices quarterly. 
  3. We send control signals to your WKK control system so that it can adapt to an optimized schedule, adjusting its performance. 
  4. You receive revenues from the power exchange - more than you would get if you had a constant output. For providing our services we charge a small and transparent share of your profits.
Connection to the control system

We connect your CHP plant to the Virtual Power Plant via our Next Box interface or the protocol interface that may already exist in your plant. The basis is a proven and tested mobile data transmission infrastructure. The connection is established via an encrypted VPN (Virtual Private Network) according to IEC 60870-5-104 or Modbus TCP protocols. 
High-performance forecasting and trading

Your generated power is sold on international power exchanges by our team of analysts and traders. The data that you generated with your WKK unit is essential for this task: With the real-time data stream from each power plant in our network, our team produces high-performance forecasts and analyses. We then adjust them in conjunction with our meteorologist's forecasts, so that we can sell your energy with higher profits. This not only ensures a higher share of your profits, it also helps build and strengthen the flexible energy market.

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At Next Kraftwerke, competent and personal contact with you comes first. We bring together all experts for the successful marketing of electricity from your WKK plant. Together with our sales and customer service team, our engineers, technicians and dealers will take care of your wishes and your best possible sales success.

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