Be a part of our Virtual Power Plant

Solar energy is everywhere - and Next Kraftwerke helps you profit from it. Your solar unit can show off its strengths perfectly in a Virtual Power Plant. Next Kraftwerke connects your solar power unit to our Virtual Power Plant and enables you to sell power at power exchanges all over Europe with good profit, transparent conditions, fixed contact persons and an experienced team of experts.

Sell your solar power in a secure and easy way

Your start into selling your solar power on the European power exchanges is safe and easy: After you contact us for an offer by using our contact form or by phone we create you a noncommittal revenue calculation with the keydata of your solar power unit. If you agree with our conditions, you sign the contract and we integrate your solar power unit into our Virtual Power Plant - then we start selling your solar power on the European markets.

Overview Connection to the control system Analyze - Predict - Trade Three Reasons

  1. We connect your solar power unit by using the existing protocol interface to the control system of our Virtual Power Plant. Your feed your solar power to the grid as usual.
  2. We trade your generated solar power at the power exchanges EEX and EPEX Spot
  3. You receive the revenue from the power exchange, a small share of the profit goes to us for providing our services.

Connection to the control system

To integrate your unit into our Virtual Power Plant we establish a mobile data connection to your unit. We do this by using a highly-proven and certified mobile data link infrastructure. The connection is established by using an encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN) through the protocols IEC 60870-5-104 or Modbus TCP.

Analyze - Predict - Trade

Our skilled team of analysts and traders sells your generated electricity on the power exchanges. The data from our Virtual Power Plants - your plant's data included - is essential for this: live feed-in and feed-out data from thousands of plants provide us with a basis for precise forecasts. Additionally, we constantly update our meteorological analyses as well as market data from various trading centers. This combination of measures allows us to trade electricity from renewable energy sources competitively and simultaneously promote the market integration of decentralized systems.
Three Reasons

The three reasons for working with Elektrownie Next:

  1. Certified, safe, and transparent: Rely on the connected strength of one of the biggest Virtual Power Plants in Europe.
  2. We pave the way for your success in the digital European energy market of the future.
  3. No Call Centers: At Elektrownie Next, we provide you with fixed contact persons and experts for your needs.

Fakty i liczby

Energia słoneczna wytworzona w 2017
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Obrót w 2016

All services under one roof

For the successful marketing of your solar power, we bring all important departments together at Elektrownie Next: Our sales and customer relations team together with our engineers, technicians, and traders take care of you and achieve the best possible revenues for you.

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